A Warmed Heart

We met D. about two years ago when we first started the international church.  D’s family had just moved to our city.  Her parents were divorced and her mom moved here to find a new life.

Speaking some English, D. attended some of our services and we had opportunity to talk with her many times about spiritual things.  However, she seemed uninterested in making any kind of commitment.  So we prayed with her many times and waited on God.  In the meantime, D. moved to Istanbul with her father for school and we rarely saw her for a almost a year.

This summer, D. moved back again with her mom, bringing great news; she’d accepted Jesus as her saviour!  After our initial “joyous shock”, she explained how she’d attended a camp for young people.  When the group was taking communion, she felt a warmth in her heart and knew she wanted to give her life to Jesus.  His presence in her life is so obvious.  Whereas she was once mostly restless and lacking joy, she’s now full of peace and happier!  It’s truly a work of His Spirit.


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