Silk Road Nations is a ministry dedicated to spreading the good news about Jesus throughout the Turkic world of the Middle East and Central Asia. We seek to do this through all means but primarily through church planting, church resourcing and leadership training. Our goal is to see a community of believers in every village, town and city in this part of the world.

Silk Road

The Silk Road during the first century AD

The Silk Road was an ancient trade route that connected China and Europe. It was named for the lucrative silk trade that brought this clothe from China to Europe in exchange for Western wares. Illustrious people such as Marco Polo traveled along these routes and made themselves famous with the tales they told.

Today these countries’ populations are made up mostly of Muslims, some as much as 99%. Churches are generally small and scattered and relatively powerless in societal terms.

Our desire is to see God’s glory and fame fill this region and have His will done on the Silk Road as it is in heaven.