Another Update on Cathy’s Health


We’re writing this from a hospital room, so this is the absolute latest it can get regarding Cathy’s health! Monday we were returning from our yearly Eurasian Retreat in another city in Turkey. We stopped for a quick coffee on the way. Later, we both had upset stomachs which developed into full-blown food poisoning by the time we reached our apartment. I was fine the next day, but Cathy’s symptoms continued throughout the week. Finally, today we visited the hospital as Cathy’s abdomen has been steadily getting more bloated and hard. They admitted her for at least one night to run some tests and give her an IV.

Once again, we ask you to pray earnestly for God’s healing power for Cathy. The symptoms she’s experiencing are the same as when she got sick this time around 1.5 years ago. So we REALLY just want to get to the bottom of this … desperately.

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  1. Hi Mike and Cathy, We are always encouraged when we read your newsletters. However, we are sorry to hear of her health. We will be praying for both of you. We will also pray that the funds will come in on time to close the deal on the building.
    Keith & Sharon Preston

    1. Cathy, I continue to thank God that you live long and live strong and fulfill the number of your days in health! I also thank Him that you are not one to draw back and give up, but you and others are contending for the promise of God for total deliverance. We love you guys and continue to stand with you for ALL the desires of your heart to come to pass.

  2. Only Cathy could make a hospital bed look like a catalogue layout…pretty girl 🙂 xo…but enough is enough with this whole health business xo standing in prayer and asking God to send success now Psalm 118:25 xo Looking forward to hearing the story of her recovery

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