Prayer Mountain

We have a spot we like to go to in Selçuk to pray and worship. This hill gives us a commanding view of the city. Many times we’ve taken our visitors up there and here’s a sample of one time we went back in May.

The Open Door

On June 9, 2012, the Open Door Project, a drop-in centre based in the industrial park of a nearby city was officially opened. There was great friends, great food and great music. Here’s a sample …

Update on Cathy’s Health

Thanks to the many of you for your prayers and concern regarding Cathy’s health.  We know many of you would like to know how she’s doing … Cathy returned to Turkey in the middle of June.  Her doctors were gracious to keep her on a steroid a little longer so we could enjoy a previously planned, long overdue vacation in …

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Ramadan Drums

Here’s what it’s like to be woken up VERY early during Ramadan so you can eat something before the sun comes up. Lovely …

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Interview With Travis Ball, Intern Extraordinaire

Travis was with us here in Ephesus for two and half months. I sat down with him near the end of his time to talk about his experience and the future.

I Must Follow Jesus!

D. started coming to our church on and off back in the spring.  He’d rarely came to the services, but he was always around to help with dishes and clean up demonstrating a servant heart. Not too long after meeting him for the first time, he asked me how he could become a minister.  I hinted to him that maybe …