Changing Attitudes of a Muslim Brother

Mike preaching

Mike preaching Advent message

A. accepted the Lord in one our services back in November.  It was a miraculous next step for a young man on a journey of faith.

For many months, he wrestled with who Jesus is and what Muslim background tells him to believe.  To complicate matters, he lives with his brother who is a devout Muslim.  His brother threatened to disown A. and throw him out if he became a Christian.

His brother wasn’t very happy when he saw A. reading his Bible all the time.  He used to get quite upset actually.  But lately, God has been changing A.’s brother’s attitude.  He’s been having some personal issues a problems and has been more open during conversations about God.  Now whenever he talks with A. about the Jesus and what the Bible says about Him, his brother just says, “Yeah, I can see that.”  Slowly we see him opening up.

Pray for A.  He needs so much encouragement in his new faith.  Praise to God, we see him changing and getting passionate about Jesus.

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