God’s Stirring


The last few weeks, we’ve had some powerful services! One Muslim man gave his life to the Lord after service this week. He had been searching and seeking, coming periodically to our church. This past week, he asked some people to pray with him and decided to give his heart to Jesus right there. It was a real answer to many prayers!

He needs our prayers right now that he receives some good discipleship. Because his work schedule is quite erratic, he often gets called away suddenly on Sundays when we have our meetings. Mike will be following up with him on a weekly basis, watering the sprout of faith that’s come forth.

We’ve also had a number of teams come to minister in the Ephesus area recently. One team reported being out around some of the historical places in town. They felt led to pray for people, strangers they were passing by. They reported a number of healings too. We pray for more of that type of ministry to take place here. People respond well to prayer and there are many needs for which to pray!

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