New Life!


An amazing setting for a baptism!

A. has been coming to SECF for a few years now.  He got connected to us through his friend Ipin whom Cathy and I met in our first church plant.  Ipin met him while she was walking by the sea and invited him to church with her and began to share her faith with him.

A., though not ever a serious Muslim, felt held back for a long time.  He loved the spirit of our fellowship and felt peace in his heart every time he attended, but still felt afraid to leave his former faith.  A.’s mother passed away when he was very young and his father was never in his life, so he was very alone.  He felt very depressed and angry at times.  Mike began to meet with him regularly, pray with him and talk about spiritual matters.  It wasn’t until last summer that he finally made a decision after one of our services to follow Jesus.

Baptism of A.

For a Muslim to be baptized is a VERY difficult decision, one that most likely will cut them off from their family and friends.  A. was for a long time up and down with his commitment.  However, the last few months, he really began to go deeper with God.  His understanding of scripture is has grown remarkably.  So it was a long time coming, but a few weeks ago, on a Sunday night after our service, we all went down to a beach on the Aegean Sea to baptize and officially welcome A. into our family!  Praise God for this life that has been renewed and is being transformed.

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  1. How very nice. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. God is so good to all who seek Him. May He continue to bless you in your ministry for Him.

    1. What a blessing to read the story about A. and his renewed life. Thank you God for your goodness and unfailing love for people. I am very happy for you A. … may you be blessed and also be a blessing to others.

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