Progress in Ephesus

Sunday night at SECF

Sunday service at SECF

The work in Ephesus is progressing and deepening.  We feel God’s presence each week and there’s a genuine love for each other that is tangible when you enter the building.

One thing we’ve sensed in our hearts is that we’re on the cusp of a move of God in this land.  If you’ve ever been in an ocean and felt waves come and go, you might know how it feels as the water lowers just as a new wave comes crashing in.  Spiritually, we feel the water lowering around us and the nearness of the next wave approaching!  This was confirmed through some exciting prophetic words spoken over us this summer.  There’s excitement and anticipation in our hearts as we plug on!

With this in mind, we’re even more convinced that NOW is the time to prepare for the harvest.  Having grown up on a farm, I know that a farmer doesn’t build a barn after the harvest is gathered, but prepares well in advance in anticipation of what is to come.

We’re moving forward in confidence with the Revive Ephesus project, to buy an old church building and open a ministry centre for the nation and the Turkic world.  We believe more than ever that this is God’s desire.  So far we have just over $100,000 donated but still need another $450,000 by January when this deal will close.

Join us in prayer that God’s work would go forward in this land.  Pray too that God would give us strength and boldness for the task at hand.

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  1. Hi Mike and Kathy, It has been interesting and inspiring reading your news letter. We’re sorry that Kathy’s health is not what it should be but we know that God is the healer. God bless both of you over the Christmas season and we trust for great things in 2013. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Keith & Sharon Preston

  2. My grandfather once told me, Ted In your life, there are two places, if you ever get the chance to go you should go. one was Ephesus, the other was the panama canal.

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