Şeker Bayramı (Sugar Holiday)

Sugar Holiday picnic

Sharing together at a picnic

To celebrate the end of Ramadan, the yearly month of fasting, Muslims worldwide have a three-day holiday called Sugar Holiday.  Families travel great distances to visit each other.  Friends and neighbours drop in on each other.  Kids will go around their neighbourhoods, knocking on doors looking for candy.

Over the years here, we’ve grown to love this holiday the most for it’s laid back, community-oriented nature.  And we love to join in the traditions, taking sweets to our neighbours or just dropping in for tea and a visit.

This year we ended up at another friend’s place and they decided to take us out for a picnic nearby.  It was a beautiful area with a waterfall and a small river.  The place was jam packed with like-minded picnic-ers but we managed to stake some land for a spell.

We also had time to share and talk about our faith with them, which we take every opportunity to do.  At the end of our time together, we prayed with them for their family and some of the difficult situations they are facing with health and work.

This is the kind of informal ministry that takes place so often here and reminded us so much of how Jesus lived with his disciples and shared life together.