Senior’s Work in Uzbekistan


Valentina, a senior in Uzbekistan

Did you know that our small church in Ephesus has a vision for the world?  We determined right from the beginning that we would be the type of church that would be engaged in the Great Commission no matter how big or small our congregation might be.

One way we express this part of our DNA is by supporting a pastor’s wife in Uzbekistan working with seniors.  After the fall of the Soviet Union, seniors were one of the most affected groups in Central Asia.  They suddenly lost all their pension and were immediately thrown into a life of poverty.

Our friend there (A.) faithfully visits these people in the state-run homes and provides some of their basic needs.  She also witnesses to many of them and they often accept Christ as their Saviour.

Valentina was one such person.  When A. met her, she was very sick.  No one came to visit her and she became very depressed.  She wanted to eat rat poison and die.  A. talked with her for some time and eventually Valentina accepted Jesus into her life.  Now she’s left all thoughts of suicide behind!  Praise God.

We believe in A’s ministry because it demonstrates so vividly the practical love of God by meeting physical needs partnered with a clear gospel presentation that changes lives.

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