The Eve Before Christmas Eve

Candlelight ServiceOur tradition at SECF is to have our Christmas celebration on December 23rd with a candlelight carol service.  It’s become the highlight of our church calendar with many first-time visitors attending.  Along with some great Christmas baking, great Christmas carolling and great Christmas atmosphere, a clear gospel message is presented each year to many who rarely attend church the rest of the year.

This year was no different.  With about 45 in attendance, our service went marvellously.  John and Julia who help us with leadership at SECF, led carols and read scriptures.  Mike shared a short homily about Jesus being born to die for our sins.  Cathy spent the whole day before baking a dizzying array of delicious cookies that were consumed by all.  Another year, another great Christmas celebration at SECF!Candlelight service


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  1. We are praying for you and the power of the gospel to go forth! Our daughter is there with Y team. We are excited. We are planning to come in Sept/Oct in 2013!

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