The Long Road to Belief

We are now in our fifth year of ministry here. It seems like we just arrived! We’re still learning so much.

A. was one of the first Turks we met when we moved here. Now he lives with his wife and family in Europe, but we still see him when he visits his parents every year. Mike also had the chance to see them in Europe when he was there in September for some meetings.

For almost five years, as well, A. has been on a journey of faith discovery. We believe he has come to trust Jesus, after many conversations even though he has yet to make a public confession of his faith. Now he talks more with his father about his religion, having long, deep conversations. His father’s attitude during these conversations has changed profoundly. Now his father agrees more with him! This is a result of four years of conversations since A. started searching.

It just illustrates how long it takes sometimes for people to open their hearts to the gospel here. Initially, there’s a great amount of suspicion, but as you build a relationship and keep the conversation going, God’s Spirit can really begin to work in people’s hearts.

Patience is the key. Coming from a farm, I know that no farmer plants a seed one day then rushes out looking for a harvest the next. Seeds take time to grow and mature. During that time, they need attention and nourishment. So pray with us that many seeds would be planted, watered, nourished and some day harvested in Muslim hearts. Pray also that the many seeds we have planted will bear fruit as we patiently tend them.

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