I Must Follow Jesus!

D. started coming to our church on and off back in the spring.  He’d rarely came to the services, but he was always around to help with dishes and clean up demonstrating a servant heart.

Not too long after meeting him for the first time, he asked me how he could become a minister.  I hinted to him that maybe he should get other more obvious things dealt with first, like whether or not he wants to commit to Jesus.  Not long after this conversation, he told me he really wanted to be baptized.  We agreed to start meeting together regularly to read the Bible and to talk about what it means to be a Christian.

Our very first meeting together, it was obvious that D. came hungry.  We talked for a bit about his family and his desire to be a Christian.  When I look at all the leaders of religions, I see they did great things and were great people,” he told me.  “But Jesus did more than that.  He died for me too.  I think if I’m going to be a religious person, I MUST follow Jesus!

That day, we prayed together and D. gave His life to Jesus.  His hunger for the Word continues and we can see God’s hand on his life.

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