Working Among Diaspora Turkic People

Meeting of Turkic People in Russia

Saifulla, a pastor, fled Kyrgyzstan with his family in 2010 after an intense period of inter-ethnic clashes between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz. At the time, Saifulla was the pastor of a significant congregation in the southern part of the country. As tensions mounted and people were being massacred in the streets, he, his wife and three children hid in the basement of a believing congregant. Saifulla and this man were from opposing ethnic groups, yet the love of Jesus kept them united.

Saifulla ended up in Russia where he began to minister to Turkic people who left Central Asia to live and work where there are better opportunities. He now pastors a small growing house church.

Pastor Saifulla has given us permission to share some of his stories on our website and you will see more of them from time to time. Please pray for him and his family and their work.

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